Irish vacation and holidays in Scotland

Irish vacation
Irish vacation and holidays in Scotland
holidays in Scotland

Girvan to Ailsa Craig 
£ 98.00 (2 hours approx)

Girvan to Culzean Castle 
£ 98.00 (2 hours approx)

Girvan to Culzean Castle and Ailsa Craig 
£ 196.00 (3 1/2 - 4 hours approx)

Girvan to Culzean Castle, Holy Isle and Ailsa Craig 
£ 525.00 (5 hours approx)

Girvan to Cambelltown - return 
£ 525.00 (9 -10 hours approx)
Take a trip to Cambelltown for golf at Machrahanish or to visit this beautiful town on the extreme west coast of Scotland. Sail past Ailsa Craig to land at Cambelltown where your crew will stand by while you golf or visit the town. On your return journey drinks will be served and you can relax while we sail back to Girvan.

Prices incl. VAT
Refreshments extra on short cruises - or bring your own
No fishing from the boat
Sailing time can be arranged to suit (Weather permitting on all cruises)
Minimum age: 8 years - must be accompanied by an adult
Max 8 passengers
Life jackets provided
For safety: flat shoes must be worn

Enjoy the scottish west coast

Enjoy the scottish west coast
Let us welcome you to the beautiful Islands and picturesque Scenery of the Westcoast of Scotland.
Visit Scotland and get a lot of pleasant experiences.
Our 36ft Turbo Cabine Cruiser will take you to the most wonderful places imaginable. Take photographs of the seals and porpoises from the flying bridge of  "The Sea Biscuit" or just relax on the afterdeck and be amazed at the gannet colony and rare puffins on the mysterious Ailsa Craig, where miners dug the granit for curling stones many years ago. The dwellings and remains of the railway line on the Island can still be seen from our Cruiser.
The Holy Isle just off the coast of the Isle of Arran is the home of Buddhist Monks and we can saile you close to this exclusiv Monestary as part of the cruise we can organize for you and your friends.

For special parties of close friends or families we can supply on board catering and drinks, or - if you prefer - you can bring your own picnic.

Why not give us a call and enjoy a day with a difference?

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